I've been blogging about tech and the future of the internet since 2004. During that time I've witnessed sites like YouTube spring from seemingly nothing to become black swans and game changers. Blogging about the internet for more than 8 years has given me a good perspective on cycles and emergent trends. I help produce FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), I'm an activist, collaborator and I believe in the freedom of information.


I've worked both as an "in-house" and freelance web developer, building and managing content managements systems for small to mid-sized companies looking for informational web presences. I've built most systems on LAMP, and have implemented custom CMS's with Wordpress and Joomla. Most recently my interest has gravitated toward Javascript (both front end with libraries like jQuery and backend with Node.js and MongoDB).


While at Boulder Digital Works, I learned the value of rapidly prototyping ideas. Building things focuses the idea, offers new insight and can quickly indicate whether or not it's worth pursuing. I'm taking the same lessons to work with me as I try to define my role in a way that adds "maker" style values to the advertising process.