Digital Upcycling

Darden (an instructor for BDW and project manager at mondo) brought up an interesting proposal about a week and a half ago. She wanted to do something with digital junk, but recycle it or modify it in a way that makes it more valuable to us than what it was before. She coined the term “Digital Upcycling”. She also gave us a week to produce something on the BDW Wall that would display the essence of what Digital Upcycling means.

After a couple days of brainstorming and tinkering, we were finally ready to put everything together. This timelapse captures part of the process:

Creating an upcycled installation from jesse weaver.

Max created the image and Patrick and Max painted it.

George and I created the hard drive speaker wall to the left.

Jesse, John and RJ created the beat machines that ran the hard drive speakers.

Sean created the little man with the glowing eyes.

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