Easily Index the Australian Cancer Research User Submissions

Don’t know what you could do with this, but it seems the australian cancer research foundation launched a site where user can submit their photos and be a part of an interactive video experience. Check it out here: https://theone.cancerresearch/.

I noticed after I had submitted that I was taken to a url: https://theone.cancerresearch/i-am-103 – the key here to notice is that this url looks like an id in disguise…

The “103” at the end gives it away, it’s an auto incrementing system, if you submit another webcam photo, you’ll get 104. So you can guess that these posts are being submitted automatically. So I dug into the page. You can see straight away that there is an image linked in Amazon S3 where my webcam photo was stored:


My first thought is that you can just simply visit the url for all the photos: https://theone.s3.amazonaws.com/faces, but this was of course protected since it’s amazon.

Since these photos are being added automatically, we can assume there is no moderation. I would venture there are some dick pics on the site. I’m half in the mood to write a script tonight that will index all of the images, and give me a quick gallery of everyone’s user submitted photos, not sure what I’d find…


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