EC2 Instance with Ubuntu, Node, Nginx and MongoDB

The future is here. Tis Javascript ladies and gents. I got into it after my teach Jones started showing my how capable it is. It fits the bill for all things modern including scalable performance from a high powered database, web sockets, and serverside javascript in the form of NodeJS.

Let’s get it all set up!

  1. Follow the tutorial here: and here if you can’t connect via ssh:
  2. Then here:
  3. Finally, install Mongo here:

If you can’t figure it out, give me a shout and I’ll make a little installation video.

Also, you might run into trouble on the step where your supposed to curl the supervisor script, don’t worry, git is just redirecting you. Just go to the URI and copy + paste the script into the file the curl command created and you’re all good.

curl > supervisord

That’s it!

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