Facebook Unfriends

Could you not image a scenario¬†where being able to “dislike” something would actually be helpful? I can. How about PR people? If I have a band and I start wearing fuzzy bunny costumes to all my shows I can immediately get a concrete response on the web. As opposed to getting fewer likes on my site then normal, I might get some dislikes and know for sure that people don’t like my bunny outfits.

That got me wondering what else Facebook isn’t telling us, which led me to “Unfriends” the page where you can actually get an answer about who doesn’t want to be your friend on Facebook anymore! It took me all weekend to build and probably won’t work right for the next few weeks anyway, but it’s done enough for alpha testing anyway.

I’ll do a proper writeup on how it all works tomorrow, but for now, try it out!


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