Firefox Search URL Bar

I use chrome for most things now, because of one feature…the url bar will do google searches if it doesn’t recognize a domain. This feature is so crucial to the ease of my internet surfing that I’ve switched from my favorite browser (Firefox). Now I need two browsers whilst I’m working becuase chrome is vastly superior for surfing but Firebug on Firefox outdoes anything chrome has put up.

So where’s a middle ground?

Type this in your URL bar (Firefox)…


Click through the warning and filter for…


Double click and enter…

That should take care of that! Now you can use Firefox to do your searching, even if you didn’t type you search in that dumb side search field.

Although, if you don’t want to deal with any of that, there is a wonderful plugin called “Omnibar” which will do all that and more fore you.

Thank god or…whatever.

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