Groove Shark Widget Trouble

For everyone out there who has had trouble getting their playlists to be recognized when they login to the grooveshark widget platform here:

The problem seems to be something where Grooveshark can’t pull in your account information associated with any past widget IDs. However, if your widget is still playing on your website you in luck!


Make sure you have firefox or some other browser with an html inspector. If you don’t, this tutorial probably isn’t for you.

What to do…

Go to your web page where you embedded the widget. Inspect the element containing the flash object. Look at the actual embed code and find the variable that says “widgetID=” this is your widget ID stored somewhere on the Grooveshark servers. It’s also the key to your widget. Now that Grooveshark has lost track of you widget, you need to manually tell it where to find it. You will use your widgetID to find it.

Now that you have the widgetID copied somewhere safe, let go back to our widget editor and find our widget!

Navigate to the widget editor page, and click on the “Make a New Widget button.” Once the page loads and you are in the widget editor click “Next Step” since we don’t actually care what the style (it will change once we load in your old widget).

Once the page loads again, you will notice the URL has a space for “?widgetid=0”.

This is where we want to enter in our old widget ID. Simply replace the “0” with your widgetID. Hit enter after you have copied in your widgetID and whablam! Your old widget appears before your eyes. At this point the editor will work on your widget and you can edit and re-save you widget. You account will probably not find this widget so you may have to manually enter your widget ID every time. But if it works it works!

Thanks for checking in!

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