Holy $hit RDS

So my life has been changed. Here’s why:

I was choosing platforms partially because of my database structure. I’d go with PHP if I had a sql database, or nodeJS if I could use Mongo.

No more. Just use Amazon RDS for your sql tables and it makes you platform agnosting. I can easily use it with nodejs instance running on heroku with almost no performance degredation!

I’ll write more later but for now do this:

  1. Get mysql native client here.
  2. Follow these instructions to get your RDS instance up and running
  3. Add some command line tools for rds, follow an example here.
  4. Set up your heroku app according to this.
  5. Export your sql database as a sql file, unzipped and place it directly in your mysql query window. Connect and run!

Boom, you have an RDS instance that ready to connect with heroku. Platform agnostic with the added benefit of being scalable on both ends.

I worked with it for 9 hours, and finally got it to work with the following command:


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