How to Circumvent Annoying Adblock Messages

As you load a new site, a message appears that tells you to disable your adblock plugin so you can see ads on their site. I hate this. It ruins my experience and makes me never want to come back. However, if you’re determined to get in, there’s hope. Many sites, just put a popup overlay on the page to disable you from clicking/browsing.

Easy enough with a little developer tool action to fix. Let’s see how:


2 thoughts on “How to Circumvent Annoying Adblock Messages

  1. Extremely useful info for somebody who is not a web developer! It is amazing how the web can be treated with just your browser. I was always thinking that only great programmers could do these things using advance techniques and languages like Java or C++..

    I would like to ask you, is there any similar way for the browser to automatically modify the code as you go? For example, let’s say we are frequent users of and we would like every time we visit this specific site, our browser to search and delete the “show-abp” block automatically, so we don’t have to do that every time. Is there any simple way of doing that?


  2. Thanks Alexandros.

    I’m not familiar with any plugins that would do this specific site, but it’s totally possible to make something like this. It would be pretty easy to do in a chrome extension. Every time the page loads, the extensions asks if you are on and if so, remove the div on the page.

    Browser extensions are very powerful and can alter all sorts of things on the page.

    Might be an idea for another tutorial, “How to make a chrome extension that alters XYZ page”!

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