How to ssh to your goddamned ec2 instance

I hope the title conveys my frustration at recent events surrounding ssh access to your ec2 instance. Amazon recently changed their interface, and doesn’t allow you to create 506 certificates from the admin panel anymore. Now you must create the private key when you create a new instance. So it’s actually more streamlined but damn confusing for those of us used to the “old way.” So here it goes…

When you create your goddamn new ec2 instance amazon will ask you to set an existing key pair or create a new piece of shit key ass pair. Just create a new goddamned key pair. When you do, download the effing pem file to your ~/.ssh fracking folder.

Now enter the following shitty ass command:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/YOUR_KEYPAIR_FILE.pem ec2-user@YOUR_IP_ADDRESS

You will probably get some goddamned error saying the permissions are shitty and you have to change them.

Change that shit to the following:

sudo chmod 600 ~/.ssh/YOUR_KEYPAIR_FILE.pem

Now enter in that stupid ass ssh command again:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/YOUR_KEYPAIR_FILE.pem ec2-user@YOUR_IP_ADDRESS

And get your shit all set up once you finally have goddamned access to your own stupid ass fricking instance.

It was refreshing to curse during the making of this article…I think in the future I will vent like this…

3 thoughts on “How to ssh to your goddamned ec2 instance

  1. Excellent article. It’s a good thing you have friends to point you in the right direction before you throw your laptop out the window or something drastic of that nature.

  2. Great motherfucking article! I share your frustration too and this was the one goddamned piece of information in the myriad of shitty posts and crap ass help pages I had to wade through that solved my friggin’ problem. Thanks!

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