HTC One M9 – I’d wait for something else…

I bought an HTC One m9. Having previously owned an M7 I thought I was in for a wonderful time. Nope.

The following has been my experience:

  • The camera is alright, but the M7 camera I felt was better. Even though this one shoots in 4k. Also, it’s extremely slow if you decide to save everything to a memory card instead of the internal memory.
  • It gets way too hot, as I write this my phone is asleep, I haven’t used it all all today. I’m not uploading or syncing…and my phone is still hot. It’s obviously working on something in the background that I can’t control, which means the battery will be dead in about 4 hours. Thanks HTC.
  • It’s slippery. The old brushed aluminum has been upgraded to polished aluminum, looks nice but the fucking thing is like a bar of soap when taking out of your pocket. Especially if you have dry hands.
  • The overall experience is slow. Animations are delayed, I have to wait about 2-5 seconds after waking my phone up before the screen appears. There is about a second delay between my tap and something happening on my phone.
  • Constant airplane mode. The only way I’ve found to keep my phone on all day is to put it on airplane mode (which means I can’t really use it). Basically, I can’t use my phone at all if I want it to last the 9 hours HTC said it will.

I’m so frustrated with the overall experience of my phone, that I may actually spend the money to just go back to iphone. I already used my upgrade on my htc, so I’ll have to pay full price. Even with all that it may ultimately be worth it.

HTC, you won me as a customer with the M7 and lost me with the M9, I’ll never take a risk on your phones again.

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