HTML5 vs. Flash in the Infinite Battle of the Inconsequential

I just got an email at work comparing Flash to HTML5 in an info graphic…this is unprecedented…

One thing before I begin my self righteous diatribe: The reality is that both technologies (actually HTML5 is really a combo of JS, CSS and HTML5) are good in certain situations an not others…there’s no silver bullet. You would not find me arguing for an HTML5 banner ad (yet) and I wouldn’t suggest a flash based site for a company specializing in iPad ads.

That said, here’s the deceptively objective email and graphic below:

From: No one in particular
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 14:46:16 -0600
To: interactive SF <>
Subject: HTML vs. Flash

Yet another infographic comparing lima beans to kazoos.

Credit: Another Person.

Someone at work.

This email was sent with the attached info graphic:

Here’s the email I would have sent if I wanted someone to argue with…

I feel (respectfully of course) that this info graphic might as well be arguing for the horse and buggy at the point the automobile came about. Sure, there were no gas stations, no paved roads, and let’s face it…99% of people were using horse and buggy. But that didn’t stop progress did it? Even though automobiles clearly don’t have support for saddles…



Alas, I don’t feel like arguing about this for a couple of reasons:

  1. Reality. Most people argue on the basis of “should” or “could.” While I support idealism , it’s all a waste of time. The reality is that both technologies exist side by side and will continue to be useful in various situations. HTML5 will continue to gain support in the web development community for it’s open and standards based approach. Flash will continue to do things HTML5 only has wet dreams about (in the short term atleast).
  2. Time. Tell ya what, let’s argue about this in five years when we have more information to argue with.
  3. Paradox. There’s a reason hind-sight is 20/20. We can’t predict the future, which is why we can’t ignore new technologies. Besides, flash has been around, and while I’m all for innovation…we’re lazy. Doesn’t it make sense to try on a new field where new discoveries are made almost daily?


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