Photo Study: Light

Amazing light in the kitchen this morning so I decided to whip out the ol’ D-90 and try to get better at photography! I just wanted to study the light, specifically, what adjustments I could make to alter the way the image appears. I wanted to capture the atmosphere of the room and play with the intensity of the lighting:

Lessons learned, this photo would have been perfect but I wasn’t watching my background and managed to get a bunch of beer bottles in the frame…dangit!

This picture had good balance lightwise, but I couldn’t manage to filter out the shadows on the wall, kind of distracting I think…

After Not being able to remove the shadows from the wall I altered the f-stop and ISO settings, gave it a slower shutter speed and managed to amp up the light…but I still caught those damn shadows!

Here I boost the light too much, a really low f-stop, low light sensitivity but a really long shutter speed make this photo way too dramatic.


This was one of the first shots I took before I started playing with lighting. At the very least, I learned to watch my backgrounds more closely.

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