Preparing for an Interview

I’m prepping for an interview tomorrow with CP+B and wanted to share a good technique for getting ready.

  • Have goals for the interview, details you want to talk about
  • Prepare some talking points on specific items in your portfolio
  • Write some clear goals for your future in the industry, how do you see yourself changing the industry?
  • Create an evaluation beforehand for user after the interview. Review how the interview went. Did you meet your goals?

Below is the PDF I used to get ready for this interview.

Download Interview Prep

2 thoughts on “Preparing for an Interview

  1. Way to rock your grown up shorts.

    Talking points around your portfolio pieces is a good call, I could have done a better job at that.

    You should include LM & LYCD in your talking points – those are two really big really impressive ones.

    The Emzo guide to interviewing is all about questions. Prepare at least 3 questions about the person interviewing you, 3 questions about the company, 3 questions about the account.

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