Smart Serialization of JSON

Just wanted to point this one out with Chrome moving dom attributes to the prototype chain.

If you’re used to┬ástringifying dom objects for requests either to local/remote storage. You might be doing something like this alot:


But what you’ll find with chrome 43+ is that┬áthe properties in prototype chain don’t get serialized. This presents a problem. Luckily, there’s some recursive magic that html5 rocks gives us to do out own serializationZ:

function stringifyDOMObject(object)
    function deepCopy(src) {
        if (typeof src != "object")
            return src;
        var dst = Array.isArray(src) ? [] : {};
        for (var property in src) {
            dst[property] = deepCopy(src[property]);
        return dst;
    return JSON.stringify(deepCopy(object));
var s = stringifyDOMObject(domObject);

Short and quick today!

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