Web Speech API

Made a quick library (https://github.com/newshorts/WebSpeechJS) last week that’s working alright for me. Thinking of making it an actual project on github. Just wanted to post a little blurb about it here, before I add documentation and make it a real thing.

It’s called WebSpeechJS. Basically, it just makes it easy to loop the web speech API return (primitive and final) text and call it into a callback.

Use it like this:

<!-- include the js file -->
<script src="path/to/js/webspeech.js"></script>
    // when the window loads call the script
    var options = {
        startButton: $('.start'),
        stopButton: $('.stop'),
        tmpOutput: $('.tmp'),
        finalOutput: $('.final'),
        onResult: handleWebSpeechResult
    var ws = new WebSpeech($, options);

    // start the processes

<!-- then in your page template, include necessary the elements -->
<p class="tmp"></p>
<p class="final"></p>
<button class="start">Start</button>
<button class="stop">Stop</button>

That’s it for now, easy peasy.


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