WiFly Shield Ruining Your Weekend?

It’s because, most likely…you’ve updated your arduino IDE to 1.0 and all of a sudden your scripts stop compiling. We’ll I have a fix…

So it took me all day to realize this, track down all the libraries, restart everything and the rest of it but I have a process. Let’s say you’ve just updated to 1.0 and removed your old Arduino library. You’re starting from scratch:

  1. Download the PString library.
  2. Download the Streaming library.
  3. Download the Time library, and install just the “Time” sub directory like in the photo below:

4. Finally, Install the latest fork of the Arduino-Shield library. NOTE: at the time of writing this, the link has the latest, but you should check Github to make sure (https://github.com/sparkfun/WiFly-Shield/network).

You should have something that looks like this in your arduino folder:

Make sure to rename your downloaded WiFly-Shield library to “WiFly”. Try one of the examples and it should work. Like I said, I spent all day figuring this out, so if you run into trouble let me know and I’ll try to help. Chances are I did the same thing.


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