Every Chip Gets A Dip

Tostitos believes that no chip should ever be without dip. So for March 23, National Chip & Dip day, we decided to take that sentiment both very seriously and quite literally by giving everyone in America named Chip his (or her?) own free Tostitos dip. For real. All Chips have to do is visit EveryChipGetsADip.com, submit proof of their “chip-ness,”

Is It White?

Remember the dress? I give you http://isitwhite.com/ I had an idea to make a stupid website that was just white, and links back to the topic on reddit. I bought the domain, put the site up in about 15 minutes and watched in awe as people started pouring in. To date I’ve had 280k users. It was even listed on http://www.theuselessweb.com/ If

Seagate Living Logo

Our agency was tasked with rebranding the identity of Seagate. The banner was “Creating space for the human experience.” We wanted to show our data as “living.” Once our design team had the new mark, we “filled” it with data. In this case building a prototype from scratch that pulled information from instagram and realtime streaming data from twitter. The

Infiniti Shopping Cart

Infiniti asked our agency to participate in pitching some re-branding work. As a part of our pitch strategy we were tasked with coming up with ways in which Infiniti’s in-car technology could be applied to other areas of life. The idea was to show the usefulness of Infiniti’s technology through a series of clever stunts and installations. One such technology is their

Dali Museum

What if you could “Dali-ize” yourself into a work of art? This was the concept behind Gala Contemplating You, where Salvador Dali’s famous work of art turns the viewer into a painting. The concept is simple, take a picture of yourself and we’ll turn you into a one of a kind digital work of art. Shortly thereafter, we show you in the Salvador

Doritos Bold Stage

How do you make 70,000 people at SXSW care about a chip brand? Produce three days of can’t-miss performances, all inside the world’s largest vending machine. That’s exactly what we did. I was pulled in last minute to help make the control software that would allow users to go up on stage, select a bag and try to catch it as it

Adobe Remix

Our team was asked to take part in the Adobe Remix project, a showcase of creative interpretations of the Adobe logo. We wanted to highlight the creative activity that adobe products enable. So we re-created Adobe’s logo as a physical installation with 100 handmade cubes, each one correlating to an artist using Adobe software in real time. Each cube captures a single pixel from an

Cheetos Away!

How do you introduce new Cheetos that don’t look like Cheetos? By letting people play with them. We turned a TV commercial into a game on YouTube, where you can fling new Cheetos Mix-Ups snacks from your phone into a video playing on your desktop. In order to pitch this idea to Cheetos in a way that would convey how