Every Chip Gets A Dip

Tostitos believes that no chip should ever be without dip. So for March 23, National Chip & Dip day, we decided to take that sentiment both very seriously and quite literally by giving everyone in America named Chip his (or her?) own free Tostitos dip. For real. All Chips have to do is visit EveryChipGetsADip.com, submit proof of their “chip-ness,” and get ready to receive the deliciousness. While supplies last, of course.

This project was built one week from conception to completion. It was meant to be a quick shot and was met with overwhelming success. We earned lots of media and gained a ton of traction with the “couponer” community, receiving over 14k submissions and changing what we thought was possible internally.

The Team

Kia handled the front end. Patrick produced the project.

My Role

I built the backend and the front end form validator. I also built the admin tool the allowed submissions to either be approved or denied.


  • Server
    • NodeJS: app running on server to bother serve the site and the admin interface
    • MySQL: Amazom RDS instance to store the user information
    • Amazon S3 for image storage
    • Websockets: to sync all admin interfaces so each admin can receive realtime updates and work in parallel
  • Front end
    • JavaScript: form validation &  submission was done via Ajax



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