Finder Won’t Show Image Dimensions

You’ve got something that looks like this:   You have to tell finder to re-index a bunch of shit. Just run the following (keep in mind this will take quite a while but it runs in the background so whatevs.    

iDevice Continuously Reconnects USB

You plug in your iphone/ipad and it just continuously reconnects… some people say its the cord others say its privacy settings I say its the disk utility… Just disconnect and open Disk Utility > First Aid and run it, then reconnect the device. voila    

Photoshop paste into a layer mask

You want to create a layer mask and paste an image into it copy the image you want in the mask create a new layer and put black over the whole thing add a layer mask and option click it to get into the mask edit mode cmd + optn + shft + v to paste the image into the

Find the (x,y) coordinates of an index value in an array

Let’s say you have an array of blocks that you want to draw to a canvas. Let’s also say you want to compute the (x,y) coordinates of a specific item in the array. There’s a formula for that: All this does is count up to the index taking into account the fact you need to wrap blocks of a certain

How to show transparency on Blender texture

If you want show transparency on a blender texture and it’s not showing up when you set the view mode to “texture” then you need to do this: Map your UVs how you would. Then set the texture alpha channel to 1.0: Then set your z-transparency to 0.0: Fin.

Remove Duplicates in Text File

So I have a list of names, but the names are duplicated down the page. Each name is on a new line by itself. If I want to remove all the duplicates and just find out who is included in the file, I can simply do: This will remove duplicates and print them to your terminal.