Lost My Box Tool – XScope

  If you lose your box tool: You can get it back by selecting it, as I’ve done in the photo above, then hitting “cmd + shft + 5” Boom.    

SVN Create a Patch with Kaleidoscope

So here’s the sitch yo: You have kaleidoscope as your diff tool. You go to make a patch: Then you realize that it’s opening kaleidoscope instead and not exporting your diff to a file. Well the problem is you’re using the wrong program. Do something like this: Now you’re using the right diff tool! Then you can apply the patch

Targeting iPhone 5 vs 6 with Media Queries

So most blogs will tell you to target different versions of iphone using “device-width”. There’s a good example of this here: http://stephen.io/mediaqueries/#iPhone. While these media queries aren’t wrong, they pose a challenge when trying to target an iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6. For that we need something a little more specific. Fortunately, we have a media query that can help us

JavaScript Function to get Target From Event

Quick one today: When you’re looking for the target from an event. It’s a good idea to do the following: For older IE browsers don’t have “.target” and instead have “srcElement”

Curry vs Factory vs Class

Hey all just thought I’d make a quick rosetta stone of different ways to say the same thing. In this example, I setup different forms of currying, a factory and a class all serving to become a messenger app. Rule #1: You must pass a name as an argument first. Rule #2: later in your code, you must pass a message.

Organizing Table Data

Quick one today, I just wanted to add a cute little function that quickly traverses a table and organizes an array of html dom elements by table head tag (th). It basically, manually walks the table, then returns an array based on what it finds in the table headers. The Nodelist function at the top just adds a “toArray()” function

Very Simple Line Graph With D3

I’ve been learning more about D3 and decided to apply what I learned about composition to make a very simple line graph. I’ll just post the pen and comment on it below: See the Pen Very Simple Line Graph with D3 by Mike Newell (@newshorts) on CodePen. Basically, the important parts are that I’m using a factory to create “LineGraph()”.

Composing ‘Chainable’ Functions

Mattias Petter Johansson has a great video explaining the difference between composition and inheritance chains in development. I won’t repeat the tutorial he gives in the video because frankly, his video is better than anything I could write. But! I want to add a tweak to his factory function in order to make your factories “chainable”. Basically so you can call something like

Don’t know why…

But I was inspired by this post: https://marvelapp.github.io/devices.css/ So I made a css iPhone:   See the Pen Pure CSS iPhone by Mike Newell (@newshorts) on CodePen.